Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists - A Labor of Love

Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists

Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists is the premiere entertainment roleplaying group on Social Media that creates and performs stories using an array of optimized metrics and analytics to maximize the audience's enjoyment. Contact us here!

Our areas of focus are: 

  • We test scripts at pre-production with social media to see if any adjustments are required using social media metrics

  • We tell stories on social media by roleplaying (RP)

Our social media outlets are:

We hope to expand to Second Life and others. 

There is a lot of work that goes into performing a story by social media roleplay that is mentioned on Isle Sanctuary Blog

This company is available to test scripts at pre-production to see if changes are required before launch and filming.

What the client would provide:

  • One or more scenes of a script loosely dialogued script with a plot goal

  • Internet actors required for the scene(s) that can ad-lib and use social media professionally

  • Attendance to "performance times" and any "in character" interactions

What we provide:

  • Social media account set-up, development and content based on consultations

  • Script preparation for social media

  • Pre-roleplay blogs posts

  • New character launches and test drives

  • Performance management at "social media opening"

  • Post performance reporting of dialogue, response rates, and evaluations

  • Post performance in character blogs

With our service you will have dedicated fan base willing to see new and exciting entertainment on social media. When performed with social media, due to tactile interaction causes "memory" in the audience's mind. The audience will feel they are a part of the entertainment process and will develop a loyal and an anticipation of new products.

  • If this is something that interests your group and want to know more, please contact us or at any social media node