Saturday, November 13, 2010

#StarWars #CloneWars Mama the Hutt & #RP #GOLLIWOG

People who know me know that I am a HUGE Star Wars fan. I watch ALL the shows of the Clone Wars on Cartoon Network. When I heard that they were going to introduce the character Master Jedi Quinlan Vos, I was elated.

Being a fan also includes pretending to play the characters on social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook. The character I role play is a human hybrid to these future "bad guys" called the Yuuzhan Vong. The Yuuzhan Vong are portrayed like "Extremist Muslim Eco-Terrorists" - because ALL their ships, technology and weaponry are of biological origin and they are "Force Absent" - I DISAGREE WITH HOW THEY ARE PORTRAYED WHICH IS WHY I AM REDIRECTING IT IN MY ROLEPLAYING GROUP.

They are part of the "New Jedi Order" series. I like them because they are only beings that can give the Sith a run for their money. Even Darth Sidious (Chancellor Palpatine or The Emperor) feared them in the books, "Rogue Planet" and "Outbound Flight". Moreover, I do not think many in the Galaxy knew about the Yuuzhan Vong's presence until they invaded the Galaxy. So the role playing we do is around the Clone Wars and before the 1st movie ever made, "Star Wars: A New Hope".

What we have found since my group has been doing this is there is A LOT MORE insidious stereotypes of Woman in the "Star Wars Expanded Universe" than expected. That women are bold no matter what character they play, are demeaned by males and male characters. That most of them are only good for sexual innuendo. That without the male character present the embolden female is subjugated by others, male and females, alike.

These cursory observation from a mental health research professional like myself, also sees how the misogyny transcends to women of color. When the images of women are displayed on Social Media, some women are berated more than other women on social media role playing sites. The close to the mainstream the woman is in look and written behavior, and if overbearing and overpowering comments made by "men" is tolerated, the less bullying ensues. The less tolerant the women character is to that and starts to defend herself, the bullying is endless until she submits or capitulates. Leaving the group is not often possible, simply because of vested interests.

When shows on major media outlets portray the standards of beauty with so many young ladies watching them, it is their self-esteems that become at here.

Girls' poor body images and self-esteem

Glee Cast's Provocative Pictures

The list can go on. Point is with Star Wars Clone Wars: Mama the Hutt

1. The main protagonist - Ziro the Hutt had an US Southern style accent - as if he was a cross between "Foghorn Leghorn and Colonel Sanders" mimicking the the cartoon stories of old in Black Caricature.

2. When Ziro the Hutt sees his mother - "Mama" she is the character above, overweight, stinks, animals that look like feces crawling over her and of course "manless", which is odd because all true Star Wars fans know that Hutts are hermaphroditic and had their "babies" by asexual reproduction. That would mean in the REAL SCIENTIFIC world, sexual dimorphism or males and females are not needed... But what made this quasi offensive the subliminal imagery made.

The character "Mama" sounded "manly" in a vernacular that people consider "Black". Her squalor was was apparent compared to the other "Hutt Families". When "Mama" questioned her son on his whereabouts for many years, he lies to her, but she allows him to take her starship telling him to bring it back with "filled up". When the Jedi get there her filthiness was manifested by the remarks of Quinlan Vos as if she stank due to her size, meaning because she was huge, sloppy, etc. she stank. When the Jedi asked about her son, she told them but then her last comment was, "Who gon fix mah doorah..."

Okay, so why do Hutts have to be perpetrated as either Italian Mob Bosses or Impoverished Black Women? I don't know any Italian mob bosses. Never have seen on. So why mimic them? I have seen a lot of poverty and many women who were poor and Black. I have seen my share of other women poor and different ethnic groups. I have seen a lot of different women who are overweight. But to make that character sound anyway other than "Huttese" no matter the inflection, would have been better than "Who gon fix mah doorah".

Why not like George Bush, Dick Cheney or Scooter Libby?

The reason why I created my characters and the Isle Sanctuary Artistic Division is here