Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Issue Campaigns & #Mental #Health

My roleplaying group on Twitter was looking for new "enActors" to serve roles in our storylines, recently. Our master storyline is why would these group of powerful immigrants choose war over integrating into the society after 4000 years?

Sounds familiar???

No this story is a fictional account totally! So I was attempting to relate to the current events of today to write a fictional account to relay it to the younger generation. But they have no clue how hard people worked to give them the rights they have today. Moreover, this laziness to really tell compelling stories with a plot to suspend disbelief for a moment is difficult. That is what separates the big time authors from the short tag-team authors who could use an extra writing course--like myself...

So, during my searching, the negative opportunity dropped in front of me like a ton of bricks. It was the deceitful image of attracting men through lascivious women who were SLAVES! The passing off of a parodied slave girl to high end hard up men.

My character's mother was a slave saved by the powerful immigrants and acculturated into their culture. I have not formally written the full script to enact on Twitter, but it was my intention to do so. My character's mother was beaten with the cruelest of intentions because she rebuffed her overseer's sexually advances. It was the bludgeoning of her skin that caused these powerful immigrants to save her.

My story starts that way because it is a story written on the humiliation of women, particularly African American women who were enslaved along with men. In my own family, several women were sexually violated at the hands of slavers.

When a Twitter account is dedicated to promoting and parodying enslaved women, it is a spit into the faces of my ancestors who died to allow me to say what needs to be said about this issue. I have family members that I do not know because the women had not choices when they were raped, repeatedly at 12 years old by their slave master...

Women have been denied choices in their lives for millennia.

These days, NO woman would desire one step in the shoes of any ancestor who has suffered as a slave. It is an ugly life and desensitizes one to have hope and imagine a better life.

My main character is attempting to reconcile her behavior toward her mother's hardened life with the mess she has made of her own--dealing with her lasciviousness and her domestically violent relationship with an evil abuser. But my character would prefer to take the physical beatings that the humiliation of her stature as a "Senator" that is meant to protect Sentient Beings' rights and end slavery.

Given what is happening in the real world with the dismantling of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights along with Amendment 14, Immigration and vitriolic hate perpetuated by paranoid people, the issue of ending slavery even in a fictional account must be supported. It is NOT fantasy and fun when some piddly pedestalized, ignorant girl thinks it is cool to perpetuate an unrealistic myth of the antebellum glory of sex slave!!!

Why? Because thoughts precede action. If people think it is "okay" to feel that way, then they will easily rationalize that they can do it. And given the number of nefarious people online, specifically Twitter, enslavement seems to be more frequent. Slavers are extremely friendly people. They trick the ignorant and young into giving private information about them and their locations eventually to violate their bodies. That is how predators do this act. Enslavement = human predation.

Fortunately for me, I am seen as mean. Thankfully that makes me not a slaver. I do not want to know some of these people. Actually, I want to be like "Morpheus" in "The Matrix" and FREE MINDS!!!

But I get so much social media backlash in doing just that it make me wonder what has happened. Because when the reality sets in and the dust settles, it is then that they realize how much more of their time could have spent on research and bolstering their stories than to fight with the one person trying to teach them something... Teach them so that they can learn on their own...

Education is not about making folks comfortable to "sell" an idea in like that seen in marketing. REAL education combines knowledge and experience. I have both. So when these things happen to me, I turn them into my stories and I write.

I have been attacked personally rather than on subject. The logic fallacies are beyond me. I do know that every day more and more the mental health professional are suggesting that this cyberbullying issue is caused by a sociopath who lacks the healthy concept of defined barriers on the internet.

Short story: I give those who are interested an education and I help develop comfortable barriers, rather than attacking individuals armed with misinformation and belittling.

This is what I do and often I am right... What I say might take awhile, but rarely am I wrong, especially when I do know something is right. I am resolute!