Thursday, February 11, 2010

I HATE SEATTLE 3 #AfricanAmericaWomen are TRASH!!!

Watch this first on the savage beating of young teens fighting in the Seattle Bus Depot in the presence of lazy security guards who failed to call police for assistance...

Now I know many people who were born here, grew up here and love it here. And while this activity is viewed as ghetto and unbecoming of any lady the fact remains that the insolence and mistreatment of the assualt victim whether she instigated it or not, still does not mandate the trashing and inhumane treatment by authorities responsible for the civil conduct under the bus depot as manifested by the security guards. EFF policies in place--KIDS DO NOT NEED TO FIGHT IN ANYONE'S BUS DEPOT!!! Fighting ruining the safe experience for ALL bus riders. The rules are bogus!

Looking at the security video it is obvious that the young ladies are women of color--based on the way their hair is styled--I can tell they are African American girls. With such low self-esteem of African American Women in the Greater Seattle Area in general, where there are a handful of positive African American women succeeding in the space, these kinds of acts show that denigration mentality that this place stereotypes against ALL women of color! Moreover , there is NOTHING in place to bolster these young ladies or support them. There is ZERO activities in the school when the superindent is an African American woman. So much for education in the Seattle School District! YAAY!!!

We have all 4 major African American Sororities present and they barely have functional programs in the schools to basic things as etiquette and protocol. Then there is a program done by the Boys and Girls Club--but because it is not basketball court then it is poorly attended. There is zero consistency with the level of expectation. And rites of passage programs fail to uplift young Black women and become rote and the response rate is poor comparable to traditional meccas: Atlanta, Washington DC, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles.

When are we, as Black people going to get over ourselves in the Greater City of Seattle? Should we get over it and why? It all makes it another reason why I HATE SEATTLE 3!!!