Thursday, January 7, 2010

#Bipolar 2nd Episode...I gotta sleep!

I AM TIRED!!! I can't sleep & I am excited! I have to go into Hospice this morning. I may need a computer fast...LOL!

Well, drama unfolds in the strangest of place. Never expected it. I'm doing bad things on the computer again, but it is so fun and I've been told by pros not to do it. But, I like it and it's fun. But it may be too all-consuming.

I don't like when other people assess their judgment on me. I HATE IT in fact. Because, who are you to say there is a problem when you're unaffected by my actions? Whatever dudes! I could see if I was hurting you, but I'm only hurting myself and it ain't like you give a flying fuck! So, what's up?

I am just tired of the dumbshit! Yeah...DAYUM SKIPPY I'M HAVING AN EPISODE!!!