Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pros vs Cons of Going Where The Jobs Are--the physical location

In my area, we are losing jobs by the 100's of thousands. All types of businesses are losing jobs. From research sciences, which I was in, to all kinds of technical jobs. In fact, recently, the Pacific Northwest lost a huge Boeing contract to the State of South Carolina.

For every threat, there is an opportunity. While my State is writhing from the pain and grief of losing huge government contracted corporation, I see a massive opportunity for that area which will revitalize them beyond them--such as green jobs. We could be the center of major green jobs environments based on balance and tranquility. Ergonomics for even highly technical green jobs. What if we could work with Nature to harness copious amounts energy, provide improved water reclamation projects and air quality standards. The workers at Boeing just need a flip/script change, for a long lasting effects, as long as we humans are here.

But this about my mind and it's rumination. I need money now! Why wait to build my business and my efforts, when there are obligations of which are my responsibility? Such as, major bills--i.e. light bill. Then there are things I want to do, like go to the beauty salon and get my hair and nails done, even a massage. When you are unemployed, all of that has to be minimized. All your spending has to be accounted for. Sure, when you have steady paycheck coming to you, you can live fat on the land within limits. And you can live paycheck to paycheck if you want, not setting aside or setting aside. However, this discussion isn't about the lack of financial planning, because underneath all of that, I am doing quite well.

This discussion is about my business and its base. If I move, my business structure is required to be rearranged. I also am building the business contacts of supporters who would bolster me to where I desire to be. Where I want to be headed toward this time next year is at least 10 new coaching clients, at least 25 people signing on to my website and completing 2-3 workshops. Moreover, I will be classified as having at least 2 contracts to run the wellness coaching programs in 2 corporations with group coaching and 10 clients with 2-3 certified coaches or Wellcoach trainees.

That is what I want. What frustrates me is that no one understand this logic. No one cares. So I have to grapple, claw and battle loved ones to help them understand. When I make it, they'll be all sycophantically reaching toward me. I know I can and will make it because I have done it before with greater insurmountable things. What I am doing for my business is fun for me. I truly enjoy it. I love going to business workshops, crafting ideas for marketing and it would be nice to make a little money on the side. I think it is worth it to help people find ways to improve their health by either weight reduction, decrease stress, have healthier food choices--or a combination of all three. With all the gyms joined, all the meditative music played and new fad diets/cooking shows eaten and watched, most people have a 70% failure rate of attaining their health goals, further increasing their weight, overstressed leading to chronic diseases, and clogged arteries. People require motivation to reach their health goals. The smoking cessation is one level to start--and while I have applied to Quit Coaches and Free and Clear programs, they have chosen not to hire me.

So, I'd rather have my credentials, make my own business. Please read my pros vs cons list of going where the jobs are--the physical location. It seems to be my reality that I just do not have the energy anymore to tolerate demeaning people from work anymore.

This is my reality. And I have some decisions to make.