Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Youth violence and Sistah #Mental #Health and #Wellness

Today, I saw in CNN that often reports violence images on their news reports, how violence must be stopped by these young men who killed Derrion Albert, a 16 year old student who had no criminal record. The savage killing with tire irons and planks that killed this young man by gangs is reprehensible. The youth who are suspected in killing this young man have not been found or turned in due to the concept of "stop snitching"--no one will "tattletale" to the police about the suspects.

Not even the cell phone filmer who brought this beating to attention right before the bid of the Chicago Olympics in 2016, has not been arrested for uploading smut on to the internet and bring it to the attention of major cable media news outlets...

Then, on CNN when they discussed this topic, I must say it took courage and an emotional plea to change, but it still sounded like BLAME THE VICTIM! The young people if found, proven (by what jury of their peers) guilty & sent to prison for all their lives ruining families already destroyed, will show what for the improvement of the whose community?

No discussion about the INJUSTICE done to these kids over all. Jane Velez-Mitchell keeps saying no one is talking about PEACE--that PEACE is the way to stop violence from a rather violent network, sounds sanctimoniously & self-righteously, lumping on the responsibility to find solutions to this problem that has been growing for over 30 years when President Reagan stole the money & introduced crack into these communities... No, there will be no peace because there is no justice. NO JUSTICE! NO PEACE!

Violence is NOT stopping because someone starts talking about PEACE... Peace occurs because of love. This is a place that is bereft of love. And love is a JUSTICE action... So is forgiveness as well as relaxation...

When pundits say let's do this one idea to solve a chronic condition such as poverty both monetarily and morality and psychologically, they miss the point toward a holistic living or lifestyle changes required for sustainability. WHOLE LIFE LIVING requires some level of JUSTICE BEING SERVED! The Chicago community hurt by this 1 of many young men murdered are ignorant! Justice has not been serve to let them make any informed decision. THIRTY YEARS! That's roughly 2-3 generations growing under a belittling, impoverished conditions who don't even know that a better world exists anywhere! It is easy to live in a rut and as a young person who still is neurologically developing, how can any of us adults who did not grow up similarly ask differently of them without providing them justice or showing an alternative?


These are concepts that the CHURCH has lacked in teaching in these communities. I should know, I use to attend these kinds of churches. Catching the holy spirit, sitting in Bible studies, prayer vigils and making up fasts are all good things, but they are practiced haphazardly without knowledge by the participants where mythology develops and misnomers are perpetuated--especially when it comes to help.

The gateway to the Black community is no longer the church, otherwise how are drugs getting in, then? The Black community was assaulted 30 years ago--it is absent from the discussion of multicultural heritage because we lack ties to a land. And Black people destroy one another--I have incurred that wrath in my current community, which I share no parts into it.

We need a re-envisioning and JUSTICE is the way through love. The Church can assist us with the epistemology of the understanding of LOVE--especially love of oneself--not a selfish love, but a balance, well-being, holistic love--Beloved-God is Love--Love... That would help, a lot. Then translating that action into deeds, because see it is not enough that one LOVES him/herself, that love is translated in words, actions, deeds--mainly community service--where JUSTICE is needed.

Then I would come in with Warrior Training: Mindfulness, Healthy Living, Martial Arts, Nutrition that when one loves one's temple and the body is one's temple, it must be honored... Through non violent communications, motivational interviewing, physical fitness, watering, serving the community--daily, be it community gardens, assisting the younger children to cleaning up the streets of dereliction.

Then the teachers, educators, coaches, artisans (vocational, military, construction, technical) can finally have access to the group to broaden these young people's minds.

I am not the first person to craft this. But knowing molecular genetic systems to keep cells to animals alive, they must be bathed in a good nutritive mix. Never have I seen cells or animals die because of good nutritive enriching environment. NEVER! Cells to animals THRIVE in this kind environment--the expand, the animals are more eager to participant in trials. It is when I remove several nutrients and enrichment at once that I see massive die offs in waves.

My family did not rear me to idly watch this ugliness grow.

But the barrier to success in this Chicago community is INJUSTICE, then Love and forgiveness. Violence is only a symptom the disease of poverty... One can expect that outcome. It's amazing that it's gone on for 30 years...

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