Saturday, September 12, 2009

This ISHT Ain't KEWL!

Look, it's fine to disagree with healthcare reform and it can be done respectfully. But to have an "astroturfer", someone who seems like a disgruntled crazed protester--and he actually works for Prudential Insurance, there is no more debate. I don't want to discuss anything with this person. Why should I? Obviously, they are NOT operating on all cylinders. They are in serious need of psychiatric care. And I bet this person has a mental illness stigma his insurance, Prudential Insurance, would give him a "Cadillac Plan" before he becomes a felon.

Well, it wouldn't be unusual. The guy who shot President Reagan was long gone. And the power elite wanted to send him home now that he is medication stable. Well, the fact is someone who is mentally ill often leaves clues! Such as statements like these. The mentally ill are different from the serial killers/rapist. Mentally ill cannot logically explain their plans with a calm even keel voice. Most healthy people will see their glitches in their "master plans". Moreover, the thoughts that are verbalized or written in social media like, Twitter, are discordant--i.e. racing mind, all over that place with no focus and incoherent.

I've seen threats on social media before. It is either harming oneself or harming other people. In fact the kid who shot people at Virginia Tech in 2007 did exactly that. The young man who killed himself live on a video cam stated so on several of his pages. In fact, I have the screen shots somewhere.

Above is the screen shot of this man's one comment. I want him prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It's time to get tough on crime! I want him to go to a psychiatric facility maybe.

But I also want to see if Prudential Insurance will drop him for psychiatric hospitalization like they did to me, many moons ago when I only wanted to harm myself? I want him to experience what NOT having healthcare means for those of us who support healthcare reform--especially for mental health care. I know the long arduous journey I have taken to regain my health and recover from this chronic condition. And I still struggle to keep my sanity, every day is a battle for meaning.

So I took all the energy of that struggle and flipped it into my entrepreneurial hopes. I'm moving slow and slowly making strides. Making differences in people's lives one by one. And solidarity among those of us who support all people who suffer from mental illness.

So what is up.

The boy's name is Eric Luke unsure of the realness of this person, but it's wrong either way.