Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quick #Mentalillness #Bipolar Episode: I hate Seattle 3

So I was thinking, the hub loves the BeJeezus of Seattle. The reason, he built his own life. I can empathized because he started here with very little, and through his tireless effort with some minor assistance with his family. He has reaped what he has sown and now he benefits!

Whereas, I moved here because of my husband and I thought our love in our relationship would sustain my loneliness here. But I would probably would feel that way if I was in a relationship or not or live anywhere in the Universe, I'd prolly feel lonely anyway!

So, I did this quick mental illness bipolar episode to see the ranges of my mood disorder.

I thought of this while walking back from the grocery story where the checkout people treat me shitty except for one. The bagger is mentally retarded so I should not be so hard. The checker is an asshole. Overall, it still makes me depressed to live in Seattle.

Then I don't feel passionately lonely like I did before. The other drug, Lamictal, has become effective. Meaning, the moods don't fluctuate as much as the one drug, Lithium, where I always felt extraordinarily depressed. Moreover, check out the time, so I might be rather manic. Lamictal side effect.

Such is the life of recovery...